Pumpkin Succulent Planter Care

Your pumpkin needs bright light, good air circulation and water regularly. 

Lightly water them every 7-10 days.  To water, gently tip your pumpkin to the side and wet the moss allowing the water to flow to the other side.  Do not soak the moss. Let air dry.  Do not put pumpkin near a heating vent and if you are using your heater, water more often.  You want the moss to have some moisture to it.  You can also spritz with a water bottle.

When you no longer want a pumpkin planter, carefully lift the moss and plants off the pumpkin.  You can replant the succulents individually or together in a new pot.  Use succulent soil or amend indoor potting soil with perlite or even small gravel. 

 Enjoy your new Fall planter!!