​Why "Be LOVE"

​Why "Be LOVE"

Posted by Rhonda Welz on Feb 26th 2019

People have asked me why I throw in the phrase "Be LOVE" in my posts, notes, etc and now my business. It started as a parenting technique to avoid saying "Stop that" so much. I started interrupting quarrels with the words "Be LOVE" - it was an unexpected comment and rather than get in the detail of the quarrel, I would just keeping saying "BE LOVE". It often worked and while it lost its luster as the kids have gotten older, it has stuck with me. It has become something that inspires me daily.

Obviously this is not a new idea - there is actually a company called Be Love, Pass It On" that is dedicated to the experiment of creating experiences that encourages each of us to Be LOVE. They sum up the purpose of being intentional with loving actions:

Be Love... "Two words…two words that cannot be disputed. Two words that help us remember who we are and who we came here to be…two words that can be passed on and on and on and on…"

I cannot improve on that summary but I would add, to "Be LOVE", you have to BE intentional in your priorities, your thoughts and your actions. I think perhaps even more important, you have to BE intentional in your reactions to the daily challenges of life to really BE Love.

To Be LOVE is not always easy, I struggle, like we all do, with the hectic pace of life, losing days or weeks at times, just running from one thing to the next. I am flawed with selfishness, pride and insecurities. However, in the past 20 years, I have felt this desire to not just let life pass me by. My changing relationship with God was pivotal in me becoming someone who wants to Be LOVE. It has grown to a place that I feel like a different person when I can Be LOVE.

I have seen and experienced enough love and loss in my 48 years to know that most of my choices not only determine my happiness but also the happiness of others. I find, if I can really Be LOVE, I am already the person I am meant to BE.